The construction field is probably one of the work fields most affected by “certificates”. To certify signifies to declare, through certifications, on the basis of objective evidence, that a work and thus a product meets specific requirements and that a company works in compliance with certain regulatory requirements. 

In addition, certifications with a corresponding expiry date require updates made by periodic visits of accreditation bodies or updating documentation.

Attestazione di qualificazione ai lavori pubblici
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logo_cipa_2sw.pngISO 9001 2015
Quality management system
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logo_cipa_2sw.pngISO 45001 2018
Health e Safety management system certificate
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logo_cipa_2sw.pngSA 8000 2014
Social accountability certificate
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logo_cipa_2sw.pngISO 14001 2015
Certificato Sistema di Gestione Ambientale
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logo_cipa_2sw.pngISO 50001 2018
Certificato Sistema di Gestione dell' Energia
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logo_cipa_2sw.pngISO 39001 2016
Road traffic safety management system Certificate
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logo_cipa_2sw.pngMODELLO 231
D. lgs. n. 231/2001
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D.Lgs. 231/2001
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logo_cipa_2sw.pngRATING DI LEGALITA'
Principi di comportamento etico
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