The "Passante ferroviario di Palermo" develops with double electrified rail for about 30 Km between Palermo C.le Station - Palermo Brancaccio and Carini Station and will connect the city of Palermo with the international civil airport "Falcone e Borsellino" of Punta Raisi, by strengthening urban mobility and by de-congestioning the road traffic. The line, realized either on the surface or underground, will develop mainly in addition to existing single-track electrified sections. Work to improve the line also includes the construction of 10 new metro stations. Thanks to the new operations, it will be possible to reach the "Falcone e Borsellino" Airport of Punta Raisi from the station of Palermo Centrale with a suburban metropolitan service, by adopting the fully electrified double rail line. The line will also link the many urban centres in the west of Palermo with each other and with the city ; at the same time, trains from the villages of the east can easily transit towards Trapani and connect to the airport. Under the direction of the works of Italferr, Cipa acts for the completion of a series of works of art included between the section Orleans - Notarbartolo (Line 1B of the Node of Palermo), the most important of which is the natural tunnel Giustizia - Lolli where, due to a geological unforeseen, it remains to dig about 60 meters below Vicolo Bernava. In addition to the aforementioned tunnel, it’s part of this project the completion of the following works (remained incomplete because interested in the galleries descending to the natural tunnel Giustizia - Lolli) : Completion of the structures of concrete of the Giustizia stop and of the Lolli stop, the odd binary Lolli – Camerone artificial tunnel, the Giustizia artificial tunnel, the Giustizia - odd lane judgment and the Giustizia - Lolli natural tunnel. The most important part of the project obviously concerns the completion of the natural tunnel Giustizia - Lolli. The plan previews the completion of the aforesaid gallery through the realization of a shaft in order to reach the existing gallery and to complete the lacking stretch. The planned activities are summarily: Consolidation/ filling of the residual voids under buildings demolished by cement and chemical injections and gravity filling; Integration of the safety of the front side Lolli, construction of piles for cutting existing diaphragms; Integrative consolidation of the areas affected by the diaphragms; Execution diaphragms in reinforced concrete at the depth of 41-44 m; Excavation up to -27 m from the ground floor and laying support struts; Excavation and lining from the front side Giustizia about 20 m with traditional method; Construction of the tunnel inside the well; Reworking up to the ground floor and construction works for hydraulic continuity.
Job worksheet
Place: Italy - Palermo
Period: June 2021 - August 2023
Client: Rfi
Value: 17.678.000 EUR
Status advancement work: 80%

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